Zoro To App APK v1.0 Free Download | Latest Version [20MB]

Zoro To Apk is an app to watch Anime Shows and films in HD for free. Free Download for Android and PC

Everyone loves watching movies or series when they are free. Different people have different tastes when it comes to this. Some are die-hard fans of anime!

It is kind of hard to find a proper place where you get to watch all the anime. It takes a lot to search and find out an app or a website. And sometimes, you barely understand the language even though you love anime. But there’s nothing to worry about. If you are an anime lover, this is for you!

Zoro To App Apk is a special and unique app specially made for anime lovers! You’ll no longer need to worry about struggling to look for your favorite animation or series because now, there’s a place where you can get them easily all at once!

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Zoro To App Apk Download for Android

Zoro To Apk v1.0 Download [20MB]

APK NameZoro
Latest Versionv1.0
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

There are a few easy steps that you will have to follow in order to download Zoro To App Apk on your Android device.

  1. First, go to the Zoro To App Apk Download button and get the Apk file directly to your device
  2. If your Android device does not allow “Unknow Sources” then you must allow it in the Settings.
  3. After that go to the File Download destination of your device and open the downloaded Apk file.
  4. Then install it using the system Android Apk Installer.
  5. Wait for the task finishes and finally open the app.

What is Zoro To App APK?

Zoro To App Apk is a go-to app for anime lovers when they want to watch their favorite movies or series, They will tell you how hard it is on first hand to find it first before this app. Some paid apps do have animes but not everything exactly. So there’s no place rather than this amazing app.

Zoro To App Apk is here with the best anime solution. Through this app, people can watch a wide range of anime movies and series. And it also keeps updating with the newest movies or series everyday single day! Struggling to watch a new anime that is only available for paid users? No worries. Just log onto Zoro To App Apk and everything you need is just one click away! Oh and yes, everything is completely free!

It comes with both a web page and an application. So if you are a daily watcher of animes, we suggest you download the app for smooth usage. The ultimate collection of anime movies and series makes it the best option for anime fans.

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More about Zoro To App Apk

Zayn TechWiz, the developer saw how anime lovers are struggling to watch animes. So they developed Zoro To App Apk, a place where every type of anime fan can watch their favorites. Zoro To App Apk comes under the entertainment category. The newest version of the app is v1.00.B00. It is available for Android, IOS, and even smart TVs. The size of the apk file is approximately 19 MB. The latest update was done on 26th April 2023. You don’t have to pay or buy any subscription to use this app. It is easy to understand and use. There will be new updates all the time giving you the newest and the best content.

Zoro To App APK Download for PC

Downloading Zoro To App Apk on your PC is a little tricky. But still, you can do it. As the first step, download a good emulator. We recommend using Bluestacks since this application is developed to run on this emulator smoothly. After downloading the emulator, open it and follow the same steps that are mentioned for Android download. Emulators are built to use Android apps on PC. So this allows you to use Zoro To on a PC.

Zoro To App Download  for iOS

To download Zoro To on your IOS device, go to AppStore and search ‘Zoro To APK’. Then you will see an application with our logo. Open that file and install it. It will be all set to use!


Zoro To App Apk Features

An unlimited collection of content

Zoro To App Apk comes with a giant library of anime movies and series. There are many contemporary titles from different genres and all of them come with English subtitles or are dubbed in different languages. All the animes are divided into categories which makes them easy to find. And also the app is frequently updated with new content as soon as they are released. And non of them needs to be paid or subscribed to watch. It’s all free!

High-resolution video streaming

All of the titles are available in HD quality for you to enjoy. Users are able to set the quality of the video according to the speed of the internet or their own preferences. You can go for 360p if you have a quite low internet speed or else watch them in 1080p if the connection is super speed. Zoro To App Apk is created to give you the best possible entertainment and a resolution that will match your device.

An interface that is user friendly

The user interface of Zoro To is made it easy for everyone to use. It is clearly and easily built so that anyone could understand the app at a glance and use it. You will be able to navigate the movies quickly as they are well organized and categorized. There’s also a search bar where you can search for the keywords. The servers are fast enough to give smooth streaming even at the lowest internet speed. The app gets daily updates with the newest releases to keep you entertained.

Community of fans

Zoro To App Apk gives you the space and the opportunity to connect to other fans. You can share your thoughts on movies or series with them. And get some ideas from other fans on what to watch. You can join multiple forums at once to discuss several topics. There are different types of users with various tastes so it will be easy for you to get a better understanding of the newest and best content.

Subtitles and Language Selection

Zoro To App Apk gives you the facility of selecting the language of your choice when watching any content. Every single content comes with English subtitles and some movies and series have the option of selecting the language of your preference. They are dubbed into many languages that people commonly use. It is always a better idea to watch movies in a preferred language as sometimes, watching it in a language that you really don’t understand makes it boring. Zoro To App Apk has the solution for all of it.

Customer care service

In case you are facing a problem with the app, Zoro To App Apk has a customer care platform where you can get the service 24/7. Yes, you heard it right! The friendly assistants are ready to help you in every possible way at any time.

How to Use Zoro To App APK?

Zoro To App Apk provides you with a smooth interface that you can use easily and fast. You can start by downloading this application. Then you can register it by creating a new account or entering as a guest. But it is better to open up a personal account as it will suggest to you the contents of your choice.

Since everything is categorized, you will be able to find the movies easily by typing a keyword on the search bar or browsing the categories in different genres. There’s a large community where you can get ideas on what to watch and what to avoid. And after all, it’s all about animes.

Want to watch Zoro To App Apk videos offline? Follow this extra step.

Zoro To App Apk allows you to enjoy unlimited amounts of anime completely free! But do you want to watch them offline too? If it is a yes, there’s one more extra step that you’ll have to follow since this app doesn’t come with an inbuilt downloader.

To make your favorite shows available offline, you can download ‘KeepStreams Video Downloader’. It is one of the greatest video downloaders.  It enables quick saving of movies or series. Above all, it is a secure downloader free of malware that makes your favorite show accessible for offline viewing. Follow the steps below to download the app and use it together with Zoro To App Apk.

  1. open the browser and go to the official website of KeepStreams. Then download the file and complete the installation.
  2. After installation, open the app and go to the VIP service section. From there you can choose Zoro To as your preferred streaming service and log in to your account.
  3. Search your favorite movies or series on Zoro To App Apk. Then select the preferred subtitles and audio. Then you can click on the download to complete downloading and finally, you can watch them offline!

Pro and Cons

Every app has bugs and benefits and every single day, the Zoro To App Apk team is working on making it perfect.


  • Zoro To App Apk is specifically built for anime lovers. It has a user-friendly interface that allows using the app easily
  • The servers are based on un buffering as they have the ability to play content even if the network is very slow
  • The quality of the videos can also be adjusted according to your preference
  • Zoro To App Apk provides complete series and the newest movies. So you don’t have to keep looking for them anywhere else. Everything is there that you need
  • Zoro To App Apk has no pop-up advertisements. So they will not interrupt the entertainment


  • If you want to watch movies offline, you will have to download an extra app
  • Zoro To App Apk doesn’t come with an in-built downloader
  • Zoro To App Apk also has to be manually updated as APK doesn’t come with auto-updates
  • Due to pirating issues, some movies or series will be taken down at times. So be aware that anything could get vanished suddenly

Safety And Legality

None of the APK applications are legally bonded to Playstore or AppStore. But still, it is safe to use as it’s coming from a reliable source. The Zoro To App Apk team Techwiz is doing its best to give you a safe and trustworthy experience. As it is updated and monitored, it is on the safe side to use.


Does the Zoro To App Apk need to be subscribed?

No, it’s totally free of charge.

Is Zoro To available for IOS?

Yes, it is available in the Appstore.

How to update the application?

You will have to use the browser to update Zoro To App Apk manually.

The Zoro To App Apk is not working. What to do?

Try closing the app and opening it again. If it still doesn’t work, get help from the customer care service.

Is it available in HD?

Every content is in HD. But you can set the quality accordingly.

Is it safe to download Zoro To App Apk?

Yes, it is monitored all the time and checked thoroughly before release.


Zoro To App Apk can be named as the best available space for anime lovers. It has so many features. Also comes with a wide range of anime movies and series. And the Zoro To App Apk is frequently updated with the newest additions. Apart from the app, there is also a webpage available if you want to use it through the browser. It comes with all the exclusive features similar to any other high-end entertainment app.

So if you are a die-hard fan of animation, Zoro To App Apk is one of the apps that you should definitely download on your mobile phone or PC. This will give you access to almost the entire anime world and keep you updated with the newest additions. So why not hurry up and download it now to enjoy?!. The Zoro To App Apk link is above!