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Knowing How to Use Zoro to App is a great way to watch Anime Movies and TV Shows. The best thing about this app is you can watch for free. So you will not charge any subscription fee. Here users can find a vast range of Anime from the library. This app uses Zoro to Website as the source of content. So the app offers you Japanese original anime, Dubbed versions, and also you can watch them using subtitles in various languages. Normally free streaming platforms do not have premium anime. But here you can watch your favorite anime totally for free. One of the coolest features here is users can discover many Anime movies and TV shows according to different categories. Zoro to Apk provides you the ability to watch in High Quality and offers you a download option to watch offline.

User Interface

Zoro to Apk user interface is colorful and a little bit complex. But once get the hang of it you will have the best experience.

how to use zoro to apk

Zoro to Home Page

After you open the Zoro to app you will be landed on the homepage of the app. Here you will see an anime which is popular at the time. Then you can scroll down and find different kinds of anime. So in the upper part of the homepage, you will see a menu. Here you will see a Hamburger menu icon, then social links next to that, and you will find some other main feature buttons.

Hamburger Menu

In this Zoro to menu, you will find tabs as Home, Subbed Anime, Dubbed Anime, Most Popular, Movies, TV Series, OVAs, ONAs, Specials, Events, and Genre. All these tabs will direct you to the place of the relevant  Tab name.

Social Links

Users can connect with the social media profiles of Zoro to Apk. There are Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter profile links that you can follow. If you are interested in them then you can easily join them by tapping the social link buttons.

Special Feature Buttons


This feature is to find an anime watch party. Simply you can watch the same anime with other people at the same time. You can hang with them and chat.


Zoro to App will provide you with a random anime movie or series after you click this option. You can choose to watch or leave it. This is a good move if you are in a situation where you can’t decide what to watch.

Language Feature

You can switch between English and Japanese using this button. If you select English then the titles of the Anime movies and tv series on Zoro to apk will change to English. If you choose Japanese then they will change to Japanese.


When you click this button, you can go to the community of this platform. You can chat, make posts, comments, and many more things.


This is the best way to find anime if you know the title. There is a filter feature too. In that, you can filter Type, Status, Rated, Score, Season, Language, Start Date, End Date, Sort, and Genre. These filters will help you to discover the Zoro to Apk animes very easily.

Zoro to Login

This will give you access to log into your Zoro to profile.

How To Sign Up For Zoro to App?

zoro to sign up

Signing up to the app is very easy. Just click the login button then click Register. You will get the form for the signup. Fill it out and click the register button. After that, you will get your confirmation in an email. Then come to the Zoro to app and log in using the email and password.

How To Watch Anime On Zoro to Apk?

After you come to the home page you can find the featured anime at the top. When you scroll down you can find Trending, Top Airing, Most Popular, Most Favorite, Latest Completed, and many other categories. You can select an anime from that or you can use the Hamburger menu and go straight to the Anime Categories. Another way is using the Zoro to App search bar. This will help you to find animes according to your keywords. Use the filter option to find the most accurate ones.

how to watch anime on zoro to apk

So select an Anime using the above methods. Then you will land on the Viewing Page. Here you will see Watch Now and Add to List buttons at the top. Watch now will give you instant access to the Zoro to Video Player. Add to the list will add your selected anime to your watch list. Also, you will see the Plot of the anime below those buttons

If you scroll down a little on the page you will see the details of the anime.

Video Player

how to watch anime on zoro to app

Click watch now and come to the Zoro to Apk Video player. Anime will instantly start to stream. The video player is the same as the other video players you know. It has the same basic features as the others. There are a few extra features like

  • Light On/Off
  • Autoplay On/Off
  • AutoNext On/Off
  • Auto Skip Intro On/Off

Below part of the player, you will see an option to select the server of the stream.

List of Episodes

Next, you will see the list of episodes of the current anime. You can select one and it will load to the Zoro to App player while keeping the same settings of the player.


The latter part of the page is for comments. You can see the comments on the anime you are currently watching. If you log in to the app you can also comment on this section.

How To Download Anime On Zoro to App?

how to download anime on zoro to app

If you want to watch anime offline then Zoro to Apk gives you the option to download your favorite anime for free. So to do that first select the anime you want and come to the video player. In the video player, you will see a Download button. Click this and the download process will start after that.

Zoro to Community

Use the Community button on the menu to come here. So to use this you have to log into the app. Here you can chat with other users, create posts, share your ideas, Resolve issues, etc.


In the Hamburger menu, you will find a button called Donate. As zoro to is a free platform for streaming anime, users can donate to the developers. You can donate via Crypto or Paypal.

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